Liv Ren is the Public Relations & Partnerships Manager at Bespoke Post, the leading men’s lifestyle subscription service based in NYC. Prior to Bespoke Post, she managed public relations at Hearst Magazines Digital Media for brands like Cosmopolitan.com, Esquire.com, ELLE.com and Delish.com. She began her career at Meredith Corporation, where she led PR efforts for magazines ranging from Allrecipes to SHAPE to the now-defunct MORE.

Liv is a passionate consumer of great journalism and innovative content covering everything from food and fitness to beauty and fashion to home and tech.

In her free time, Liv enjoys running marathons, visiting Instagrammable restaurants, and blogging about her latest adventures. Follow along at see in 52.

Find Liv on Instagram (@livrennn) and Twitter (@livren), and feel free to get in touch at liv.ren@gmail.com.